January Favourites

Its January, Im still carrying my christmas weight I’ve finished all the festive chocolates and the weather is crap. Do you feel like this month has just been.. well… meh too? However the one thing I have been enjoying this month is the amazing range of products I’ve been testing and here are my favourites for the gloomiest time of the year.

Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette

I was on a waitlist for this little beauty for months and I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a parcel to arrive in my life or should I say more anxious as we all know Royal mail don’t have the best track record with breakables… However since it arrived unscathed last month I have not used any other eyeshadows and I am absolutely in love. At Β£45 including shipping this is not a cheap palette and most definitely a luxury item but boy do you get what you pay for. Every colour is creamy and so brilliantly pigmented, the packaging is gorgeous and it even comes with a sturdy little mirror. I honestly think this has been my best beauty purchase of all time and I am addicted to red smoked out eyes now.

Urban Decay primer potion

This may come as a shock to some of you, especially since I just talked about buying one of the most extravagant eyeshadow palettes on the market however I only started using eyeshadow primer a few weeks ago. I know, I know, what about the creasing!? Well when I got the ABH palette I thought it was probably time to start doing my makeup properly and tried a sample of primer potion. I wasn’t really expecting much, maybe a little less creasing but I was very surprised at the results. This applies almost like a concealer and I’ve heard people say that it makes your eyeshadow hard to blend however I feel like this little tube has saved my life. My eyeshadows have never looked so pigmented and they last for a good 12+ hours without creasing or budging, Ive has so many compliments on my eye makeup every time I’ve used this and I don’t know how I ever lived without it.


Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter in ‘Sin’

I’m not going to lie, Ive been watching a lot of Nikkie Tutorials recently and I am OBSESSED with her blinding highlight skills. So naturally I thought it was time to invest in a highlighter. Ive dabbled in highlight a few times but I’ve never found something that complemented my ghostly white complexion and I never thought I needed highlight since my porcelain skin blinds people on its own anyway but I had heard good things about Sin. This highlight is the most beautiful champagne gold colour and I love how it looks when applied. It gives a more glowy and healthy look to my skin since it is slightly golden, dare I say I even look slightly sun kissed? (In the depths of the Scottish winter too!) I also think this colour would complement darker skin tones too since its so warm and pretty.

YSL Touche Γ‰clat blur primer

As you know if you’ve followed my blog for a while I took a trip to London over Christmas time and our flight was delayed so I decided to do a bit of duty free shopping. I’m obviously not used to polluted city air because my skin freaked out whilst I was away and I had to go on the hunt for a primer to combat dry, dull skin. I absolutely love this primer for this exact problem, it goes on like a gel and leaves an ever so slight shimmer to the skin. It also smooths out any dry patches and gives a nice glowy base for your foundation.

Angels On Bare Skin cleanser

As well as not agreeing with London’s air my skin also decided it DID NOT like my new Avene face wash so I had to revert back to my tried and tested Lush cleansers. This one is very much like my holy grail Herbalism cleanser however I feel like it gives more of a clean so I use it after I’ve removed my makeup. I use it in conjunction with Herbalism to get the anti acne benefits along with a deep clean.

Cosmetic Warrior face mask

This is another product from Lush that I absolutely love, I had some really bad breakouts from switching to Avene and this mask cleared everything up in just a week! With egg whites, garlic and tea tree its not the best smelling mask you’ll ever use but when you see the results you really won’t care what it smells like.

So there we have it, my January favourites. I can’t believe how quickly this month has gone, it feels like only yesterday I was gorging myself on mince pies and turkey. Let me know down below what products you’ve been loving this month and here’s to a great February!

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