Why you shouldn’t be afraid of the Gym

This post is not normal for me. I know that. Usually I am a strong believer in avoiding all social interaction in fear of embarrassment or humiliation and for a long time my bedroom was my safe place but this year I joined the gym.

For years I had been working out in my house, doing quick 15 minute HIIT workouts to make myself feel good but it was just not working.. I would look at all those Instagram fit accounts and wonder how on earth they grew their ass so big. Don’t get me wrong growing my ass wasn’t the only reason for joining the gym but it certainly was part of it… I wasn’t seeing results, I wasn’t feeling any better than I normally did and I just wasn’t happy. So when a new gym opened up near me and offered very reasonable memberships I decided to take the plunge.

With my membership I also got a few Personal Training sessions which I thought would be a good idea to get me started and I am so glad I did them. My aim in the gym was and still is to gain muscle, I had no idea how to even start this and the only squatting I had done was bodyweight and in my bedroom. I was so scared that I was going to go to my session and the trainer would tell me I was too skinny to lift or that id be better just sticking to light sessions but boy was I wrong. She had me squatting and deadlifting till my legs turned to jelly and I was hooked. It feels so amazing to get in there and lift heavier and to actually for once, see the results I’ve wanted for years!

Most non-gym goers think that the gym is this big scary place where only ripped people go to assert their dominance over equally ripped people or that if you go people will stare at you OR my biggest fear that people will notice my red face. However I can tell you now, that is bullshit. Ive met some of the nicest people Ive ever encountered at the gym. The staff are friendly and willing to help if you have any queries, as are the other gym members, since you’re all there for the same reason and you all share the same passion for exercise. As for sweating, you’ll look weirder if you don’t, everyones doing it. So really, what is there to be scared of? If you wanna go lift, LIFT AND DON’T LET ANYONE STOP YOU. (Too much.. ah well I’m just PUMPED)

Hopefully that gave you a little motivation to go smash it and don’t let the fear of being embarrassed or not knowing what to do stop you from achieving your goals, everyone has to start somewhere!

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3 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t be afraid of the Gym

  1. I loved this post so much -I think it could help so many people over come that initial fear of joining a gym as it has too many negative stereotypes attached to it, when in fact it’s a wonderful and supportive emvornment! Can’t wait to read more fitness related posts from you xox


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