June Favourites and Life update!

So, it’s June. How are we all? I myself have just received exam results meaning that I get to progress to my last year of uni! Exciting and also terrifying. So lets just forget about that scary real life shit for a bit and I’ll tell you what I’ve been loving this month!


Batiste and Aussie


The theme of this months (and lets be honest every other month) haircare purchases has been ‘What can give my fine, lifeless hair some volume’ and that is a monumental challenge for everyone involved.  I’ve been loving the original Batiste spray dry shampoo for extra volume (Not a fan of their scented ones though!) and I even use it on clean hair to give a bit of extra texture! I also love the Aussie beach waves spray and spray it in after blow drying clean hair so that I wake up in the morning with luscious, almost thick locks. However I am aware that this thickness is mostly tangles and salty knots but you know what, it looks fab so I don’t even care.


Rituals and Bondi Sands


It was recently my birthday and my amazing BF got me some very fancy Rituals skincare that I can never normally afford.. so its fair to say I’m having a lot of fun trying out all these new and expensive products! Firstly I would like to say I absolutely love the smell of these beauties and the ‘ritual of sakura’ scent has quickly become one of my favourites, the first product I love is their shower oil. At first I was a bit unsure about how to use this but now I’m hooked. I normally have very dry skin but using this at the end of every shower has removed all need of sticky body moisturising sessions and I’m soothed and silky after every wash. I also love their body cream which takes care of anything that isn’t completely hydrated by the shower oil. You may notice theres another product here and that is one of my staples for summer, the Bondi Sands light/medium sunless tanner. I have been obsessed with this brand for a while and it is honestly idiot proof and gives amazing results after just one application. This is my holy grail for giving a glow to my normally pasty white vampire skin and I could not be without it.


Too faced, LUSH and Colourpop

Recently Colourpop offered free international shipping so obviously, I had to do a Colourpop haul and they’ve become my new favourite makeup company. For just over £20 I got 4 lipsticks, 3 eyeshadow pots and an eyeliner and my favourites by far are their White Rabbit super shock eyeshadow pot and Echo Park satin lipstick. This eyeshadow is so creamy and gives a gorgeous bronze shimmery lid and the lipstick is the perfect in between colour for rosy pink and red. Not bad for just over £8! Ive also been loving Lush’ toner waters for removing any makeup and dirt after I’ve washed my face and I feel like adding this extra step has really brightened my complexion! Since it was my birthday recently I also got to try the Too Faced hangover primer for the first time and I’m loving it. Aside from the amazing coconut smell it really does keep my foundation in place for much longer than any other primer I’ve tried! I love using this under powder foundation too since its more tacky that normal primers and just brightens the complexion so beautifully.

Other fav’s

Womens Best BCAA’S


Since I’ve been trying to get fitter recently I decided to invest in something that would give my gym sessions a little extra kick and lessen the pain of muscle ache the next day. These Woman’s Best BCAA’s do just that and are amazing fuel for my aching muscles! I decided to try this after seeing so much hype for the ‘Peach iced tea’ flavour on social media and it has not disappointed me. It tastes much better than anything you can buy for muscle growth (especially better than protein shakes) and actually works in giving you more energy, extending your sessions and reducing the pain of muscle soreness! I. Love. It.


Embroidery has taken over my life. You might have been sucked into this latest fashion craze like I was but I have actually started embroidering on my own and I am hooked. I’ve embroidered bags, purses, jackets and I don’t know where it will stop. I can’t look at a pair of jeans without wanting to sew a flower into them, its becoming a problem. Someone send help. (Although if you do like my work then I have some, including this jacket listed on my Depop shop, lauren_reid7 *shameless self promo*)

Netflix reccomendations

1. Breaking Bad- I finished this about 4 years ago but its so good Ive started re-watching it and honestly its even better the second time around. HELL YEAH BI*CH.

2.Prison Break- This is like a million years old but I love the first season and for some reason I just can’t stop watching now.

3.Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt- If you haven’t watched Kimmy there is a Titus sized void in your soul that you don’t know about. If you want some heartwarming, hilarious comedy which who are you kidding, we all need, then watch this asap.

So, these are all the products and shows etc that have taken over my life this month, do you share my enthusiasm for any of these? If so, let me know and I’ll see you in the next one!




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