What I got for Christmas 2016

Yes, I do realise that this post is slightly late and now that its 2017 I should really be focusing on picking a New Year’s resolution, getting fit and not blogging on the couch at 11pm with a glass of prosecco. However in the midst of all the excitement and having caught a wonderful bout of the flu over the festive period I’ve only just got round to sharing what I got. (I’m a bad blogger, I know.) If you’re anything like me and love to be nosey and see what other people get at Christmas then keep on reading!

Firstly from my wonderful boyfriend I got a cute little Astrid and Miyu circle necklace which I am in love with, its a great alternative to the huge and overpriced Pandora one that everyone is wearing just now.

Another favourite of mine just now is the new Lee Stafford chopstick hair curler which gives me 80’s afro hair and I’m definitely about that life.

On the subject of hair I also got some new everyday curlers, this is the GHD creative curl wand and amazingly my hair now holds a curl for more than an hour and they heat up in 10 seconds, loving it.

From my parents I got a HP Sprocket wireless printer. Now I’m not going to lie, I’ve seen so many YouTubers promoting this thing and it looked amazing. If you’re like me and love polaroids but can’t for the life of you take a selfie without seeing the screen, this is your saviour! It prints tiny photos straight from your phone, just whap on a filter and a frame and you have a retro 90’s printout without shelling out hundreds on the camera. (It also comes in rose gold just in case you weren’t already sold)

I think my parents must have caught on that I like Asos as the rest of my presents were from there, I got a suede biker jacket to replace my beloved brown leather one that after 6 years has seen better days and a pair of black Liquor and Poker dungarees which I must say, really compliment my 80’s afro hair.

and last but not least, is it really Christmas if you don’t get some makeup? This year I got Mac’s ‘Whirl’ lipstick which is a dark brownish pink and Urban Decay’s Vice Comfort Matte lipstick in ‘Tampered’. Both beautiful shades however Tampered is more of a dark purplish pink and definitely trumps Whirl in terms of staying power and comfort.

I am extremely grateful for all the beautiful presents that I got this year and I hope you all enjoyed having a nosey at them, hopefully  you got everything you wanted too! Thank you so much for the continued support for my blog throughout 2016, I could never have dreamed we would have almost 2000 followers and I hope that we can make 2017 an even better year.

Cheers and happy New Year!


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