October Favourites

Its spooky season. That usually means I’m too busy buying halloween candles or spiced lattes to remember that I actually have responsibilities but alas! Ive remembered to blog! So here is what I’ve been loving in the month of October..

1)Bioré deep cleansing charcoal pore strips (£9.49)


This was a purchase I was reluctant to make. Every time I went in to Superdrug I would have a glance over at the stand to check if they had any strips reduced from the horrendous price that they normally are but they were never on offer. So when I had to swap an item that was no good I decided to go for it and take the plunge. I was disappointed to find out that there were only 6 strips in the pack and felt a little conned that I paid £10 for some nose strips.. but these really are different! I used to suffer from acne and it left me with horrible large pores on my nose that constantly block up with gunk.. I know, disgusting right? but if you’re like me these strips are a miracle, removes almost all of the dirt and the rest you can remove by gently exfoliating afterwards.

2)L’Oréal Purity clay mask (£5)

As I mentioned in a previous favourites I LOVE these new face masks. I have the detox mask and although its amazing for my nose and other clogged up areas I felt like I needed something more mattifying for my T-Zone and this little gem does the job perfectly. I use this every other night on my forehead and chin and I can notice that pores look visibly smaller and my face isn’t as oily the next day, also a miracle product for those of us plagued with oily skin.

3)Aussie miracle beach waves (£4.99)


I picked this product up in the off chance that it might work but I wasn’t holding high hopes for it,  actually I was just looking for a cheaper alternative to Bumble and Bumble. However I love this spray. If you’re like me and have thin, sleek straight hair that makes you look like you’ve been dead for two weeks or are balding if left naturally then this could be your holy grail. It is a bit drying so I try not to use it every day but it gives such amazing volume and for once  I actually look like I have thick hair.

4) Tanya Burr Cosmetics lipstick in Pink Coca (£6.99)

I am a massive fan of Tanya so I couldn’t wait to try her new line of lipsticks. These lippies are exclusive to Superdrug and I had to order this specific shade online as it seemed to be sold out everywhere! However I had fallen in love with Pink Coca so persevered and it was well worth the wait. I love the sleek gold packaging and the dusky rose colour is perfect for this time of year (or any time of year) plus it feels great on and doesn’t dry out your lips.

5) Urban Decay Vice comfort matte lipstick in Backtalk (£15)

This again was a bit of a splurge for me and I bought it after a stressful day at work as my ‘treat’ I originally went in to Debenhams looking for ‘Safeword’ but since the sales assistant had never heard of that shade I figured it must be a US exclusive and instead settled for ‘Backtalk’ this is more of a 90s grunge pink that has hints of purple through it and I thought it would be the perfect dusky pink for long winter days.

6) Asda Home


Have you been to Asda yet this Autumn? Well you HAVE to! I was amazed at what I found when I was wandering around doing my weekly shop, I don’t normally associate supermarkets with high quality bedding but these sheets are to die for. They have the most amazing autumnal patterns and chunky knits not to mention this cute lil badger pillow and £14 for a full bed set? Don’t mind if I do.

7) How to get away with murder (Netflix)

This is one of the Netflix shows I have been completely hooked on this month, it follows a criminal defence lawyer come university lecturer who takes on a group of students to help her win cases and recruit clients. However how long can they defend murderers before they become one themselves?

8) Luther

Much like the previous Netflix show Luther is all about mystery and suspense, this time with a more tormented detective who has to fight more than his fair share of battles whilst  hunting down the bad guy.

So there it is, my October favourites, its exciting that the next one will be filled with christmas goodies and decorations! Let me know what you’ve been loving this month down below and don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on social media so you don’t miss tomorrows final spooky halloween post!


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